If you are interested in volunteering of any kind, please contact us at

How to volunteer

We would greatly appreciate your help in protecting our feline friends. We have a huge need for additional foster homes for homeless kittens and/or for help trapping cats who need to be spayed/neutered.


All year long we come across friendly kittens who are in need of foster homes. If you can you provide a warm, safe home with lots of love and attention as these kittens await their chance for placement, then you should reach out to us! We are also in need of special foster families who can make a commitment to rehabilitate much shyer kittens by loving, petting, and soothing them in order to help with socialization. This will give those kittens a chance at a forever home.

All medical care and vaccinations are provided by us. You provide the food, the litter, and lots of love. Typical fostering commitments last 1 to 4 months, depending on the age and socialization when you get the kitty or kittens. This is a very rewarding experience and you will be helping us to get kittens off the streets and saving lives.


We desperately need trappers. See below for more info.

And just where are all these kittens coming from? And how do we stop the cycle . . .

Every year kittens are born on the streets to feral cats and abandoned friendly adult cats. If the kittens are not trapped to be fixed and socialized, they will be become the next generation of feral cats. If the adult cats are not fixed, they will continue to reproduce and on goes the cycle contributing to cat overpopulation and suffering.

Here’s where trapping comes in . . . Trap/Neuter/Return (TNR) is the only proven effective and humane method to help reduce the cat population.

Humane traps are set, cats are trapped and taken to spay/neuter clinics to be fixed and vaccinated. Then they are recovered from surgery and returned to their outdoor home. The kittens are trapped and put into our foster program for socialization, spay/neuter and preparation for adoptions.

We are looking for trappers. If you have any interest or questions about assisting with trapping, please email us at

For assistance trapping community cats in your neighborhood, please click on this link for resources and contact information.


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Mother & Daughter Foster Team

My daughter and I decided to foster a set of kittens after we lost one of our beloved fur babies.  We started fostering for PAWSitively S.A.F.E. back in October of 2017 and have LOVED IT! We have enjoyed taking anywhere from 1 to 7 kitties at a time and loved each one of them for their sweet personalities. Some are timid and others are out going and our goal is to love them as our own and have them "people friendly" by the time they walk out our door to their forever home. We have even fostered some adult cats too! Fostering has also been a wonderful bonding experience with my daughter.
We hope you’ll join us on our journey of saving little kitty lives and become a foster with PAWSitively S.A.F.E. too!

Paula & Ava