What we do

We serve the East Contra Costa county area which has a severe cat overpopulation problem, coupled with a limited amount of  low cost vet  resources.

We provide a range in services which include spay/neuter assistance for pet cats, Trap–Neuter–Return (TNR) for community cats, and get kittens off the streets and into our foster kitten program.

We always fix the momma cats from where we rescue kittens. All kittens in our program are fixed, vaccinated, and given medical care and socialization. Once kittens are ready for placement, we arrange transfer and transport into other rescue organizations, including Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation.

We have also worked with local shelters helping with Return-To-Field (RTF). RTF is a lifesaving concept that's gaining ground in the no-kill movement. The approach is to take healthy unowned community cats that end up in a shelter, which would otherwise be euthanized, fix and vaccinate them so we can return them to the neighborhoods where they were trapped.

By doing both TNR and RTF we can help improve the lives of shelter animals. RTF directly creates more space and resources for other animals in the shelter and TNR keeps others from entering the shelter.

If you care about community cats in the Contra Costa county area but do not have the means to have your cats fixed, we can help you. We want to increase the amount of TNR being done, especially in East County, and decrease the number of kittens in the streets. Ultimately, this will  reduce the number of cats brought into shelters and put at risk for euthanasia.

We aim to work with any neighborhood that needs our help. We can advise on how to build positive partnerships and relationships within your community and discuss how to work with local organizations to help community cats. 


Contra Costa county, California

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